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This is a top-of-the-line robotic vacuum with a built-in pair of mopping pads. It is on the strong side of such a small device. Strong suction to remove pet hair easily. And with its self-cleaning base station, you’ll have to do very little maintenance. But what else does it do to justify its premium price point? We’re about to dive deeply into the Freo’s functions and capabilities.

Dirt Sense Technology

The base is also designed to automatically clean the mop pads. A built-in detection system will sense when they’re dirty, and dispense water and detergent into a tray. The pads will spin around, and the system will add clean water until it detects that the pads are clean. This ensures that you’re not spreading around yesterday’s mess on today’s clean floor.
If that’s not enough, the base will also dry your mopping pads. A pair of air tunnels channel 104-degree air under them, gently drying them and preventing mold growth. You can set the fans to run at three levels. The higher levels are louder, but cool the pads faster. The lower levels are quieter, but the pads will take a lot longer to dry out.
Once it was finished mopping, it automatically returned to the base station, as expected. Here, it performed a full clean and dry cycle of the mopping pads. Once finished, we closely examined the underside and found both pads to be completely free of dirt and grime. Best of all, it didn’t use a lot of clean water to wash the pads. In fact, you could probably get through several weeks' worth of cleaning and not have to re-fill the clean tank. The dirty tank, on the other hand, should be emptied periodically. Preferably, after each cleaning in order to prevent and smell of mold or mildew.

LCD Touch Display

At the front right corner of the top panel, you’ll find a little round recessed LCD display. This gives you full control of the vacuum once you’ve performed the initial setup with the app. It also has a child lock, which keeps children or pets from triggering a cleaning cycle.
It’s also bright, legible, responsive, and allows operation sans the app if you’re within arm’s length.
It’s actually a touchscreen with a fair amount of functions. You can use it to enter the device settings and select specific cleaning modes. Additionally, you can view the robot’s status, and battery life and pair it with the app using the QR code that’s displayed on-screen.

Freo Mode

The special 'Freo mode' means the robot automatically carries out its vacuum and mop duties, with patented DirtSense technology to intelligently adjust the duration of mop washing depending on how dirty your floor is.
The Freo’s thoroughness is its most standout feature; it will continue to clean a surface until its Dirtsense sensors register the surface as truly clean or will boomerang back for another pass, regardless of often deceiving appearances. This does mean the Freo can sometimes require a longer cleaning period when set to Freo Mode, which activates the vacuum to reactively mop as sense, but also results in thoroughly cleaned flooring.

Swing Mode

Smart-Swing also ensures the Narwal Freo can clean every nook and cranny of a space. There’s a “swing mode” that activates when your vacuum is running along a wall. It will stop every few inches and wiggle from side to side. This brings the side brushes and the mopping pads right up to your wall, so you don’t miss any spots.

Cleaning Performance

The Freo can be set to three levels of suction, depending on your needs. The lowest produces a mere 48dB of sound, quieter than everyday speech. It’s not very strong, but it’s fine for lightly-soiled solid floors. The medium setting is more powerful, and is best for everyday cleaning. The strongest setting provides 3,000Pa of suction, more than your average robot vac. It’s strong enough to clean almost any mess, but will drain your battery faster. Along the same lines, there are three mop settings, ranging from very wet to normal to almost dry.
One of the things that impressed us the most about this vacuum was its smart features. To begin with, a surface detector senses whether you’re on a carpet or a solid floor. This is a common feature, but Narwal integrates the sensor with motors on the mopping pads and side brushes. When the vacuum senses the carpet, the mopping pads will actually lift up off the floor. When the vacuum is also mopping, the side brushes will lift up when they pass over a previously-cleaned area. This prevents them from spreading dirt onto a freshly-mopped surface.

Overall Design

The Narwal Freo has a disc-shaped form factor, like most robot vacuums. The housing is made from a glossy white plastic that seems reasonably durable. At 13.8 inches in diameter, it’s fairly wide. It will cover more area in a single pass than the typical robot vac. It’s also fairly tall, at 4.1 inches high including the LIDAR tower.
The base station is made from a similar white plastic to the vacuum. It has a roughly rectangular shape, with rounded edges and a slight backward curve to the front panel. In total, it measures 16.3 inches long, 14.6 inches wide, and 17.1 inches tall. At the bottom is a wide slot where your vacuum sits when it’s not in operation. There’s a pair of cutouts on the sides near the top, which makes it easy to carry.

Battery and Charging

The Narwal Freo runs on an internal battery, which can provide up to 3 ½ hours of battery life. Exactly how long will depend on your vacuuming and mopping modes. No matter how you cut it, though, you’re looking at a very long-lasting battery. When the charge level starts to get low, it will automatically return to the base. Once it’s recharged, it will automatically resume its cleaning routine.
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