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A Premium Robot Vacuum with Smart Features - Narwal Robotics
A Premium Robot Vacuum with Smart Features

This is a top-of-the-line robotic vacuum with a built-in pair of mopping pads. It is on the strong side of such a small device. Strong suction to remove pet hair easily. And with its self-cleaning base station, you’ll have to do very little maintenance. But what else does it do to justify its premium price point? We’re about to dive deeply...

A robot that makes house cleaning pleasant - Narwal Robotics
A robot that makes house cleaning pleasant

We bought a T10 for our new construction house. After using it for 3 weeks, I have to say T10 is awesome! It keeps our hardwood floor clean like a mirror. So we bought another T10 for our 2nd floor. To be objective, here are some Pros, Cons and Tips for T10. Pros: Easy to set up and operate: T10...

Me and my Narwal - Narwal Robotics
Me and my Narwal

We recently redid our floors in the kitchen, dining room, and living room to hardwood floors. The floor looks good, but you could see all the dirt and stains. it covers an area of about 700 square feet. We have family and children over a lot and want things to look and smell good. We needed a solution. We saw...

With a change of season comes a wonderful addition, and a growing kitten. - Narwal Robotics
With a change of season comes a wonderful addition, and a growing kitten.

  I have always been quite skeptical about how smart a vacuum/mapping robot can actually be, after hearing about funny stories of robots getting stuck in all places, failing to plan optimal routes, and in some instances even running away from home. Why bother if they are not as smart as you would like them to be? After all, isn’t...

What a great discovery !! - Narwal Robotics
What a great discovery !!

We have 8 kids from 1 to 12 years old. We have a modest but huge house for our big family. So... We have a huge" territory" to keep clean. We already have 3 iRobot Roomba, one for each floor, but only to vacuum, not to wash our floors. We have a cleaning lady, but only once every 2 weeks,...

Life with a new assistant becomes much easier - Narwal Robotics
Life with a new assistant becomes much easier

Have had Narwal for about 3 weeks and it has been so great. I like the cleaning routine book-up APP, which makes daily maintenance of the vacuum and mop incredibly easy. It is excellent at picking up the hair around our house. I have a combination of hardwood floor, ceramic tile, and an area rug and the vacuum does great...

Maid in Heaven - Narwal Robotics
Maid in Heaven

  My wife and I are a retired but busy couple. We recently moved into a newly constructed home in a retirement community. Being in a community that is under construction you will understand there is a lot of dirt and dust being stirred up on a daily basis so we needed a robot vacuum that could keep up with...

Super Robot - Narwal Robotics
Super Robot

  When I first saw an advertisement for this product, I was in awe. I wondered if it would live up to my expectations. After recently purchasing a new bigger home, this was a necessity. The customer service was incredible before I even received this product. The Narwal team welcomed me with open arms and also helped me save money...

Meet Dustin – Our Family Narwal - Narwal Robotics
Meet Dustin – Our Family Narwal

My family and I just recently purchased and moved into our dream home. It’s a 100-year-old, three-story, 5,000-square-foot home with a lot of old-world charm. Our home still has its original leaded glass windows, chandeliers, and 3,000 feet of hardwood floors. The one question or doubt that I had on my mind when we were considering purchasing the home was,...

Narwal’s impact on my home. - Narwal Robotics
Narwal’s impact on my home.

I purchased the Narwal after watching a video and considered that my research. My husband thought I was crazy for wanting to purchase yet another vacuum. What could be so cool? He asked. Agreeing to purchase, I patiently awaited the arrival of my new machine. Then one day there it was showing its beautiful face on my doorstep. I brought...

Jerald's Suzie - Narwal Robotics
Jerald's Suzie

This is our robot we call Suzie. My wife and I are in our late 70’s. She has back trouble and I just can’t vacuum or mop the floors anymore but our Suzie does such a great job at both. My only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner. I highly recommend your product to not only seniors but...