Anniversary Special: Narwal's Journey to Cleaning Mastery

Jun 30, 2024 | Global DTC
Anniversary Special: Narwal's Journey to Cleaning Mastery - Narwal Robotics

In 2016, Narwal was founded with one goal in mind: creating revolutionary cleaning robots that would change our customers' lives. Eight long years passed in a flash, but we’re proud of how far we’ve come. We’ve long since surpassed our goal of innovating in the household cleaning robot market, using all kinds of advanced technology like SLAM, 3D sensing, AI object recognition, and data analytics. We didn’t just stop though - even today, we’re still pioneering new cleaning solutions every day.

As of now, Narwal has submitted more than 800 patents. More importantly, though, we’ve already made the lives of 1.8 million households easier by providing a thorough, simple, and high-tech cleaning solutions.

At the end of the day, improving our customers' lives is at the core of everything Narwal does. Groundbreaking technology is great, of course, but there’s no point in developing high-tech solutions to problems that nobody has. Technology should be an answer to real-life needs, not just a trick to sound cutting-edge.

Narwal’s mission is to give people more freedom to do what they love, with who they love. That means getting back the time we spend cleaning and using it for things we value more, whether that means getting a new hobby, spending time with your family, taking your dog for a long walk, or something else entirely.

That’s the mission that has driven every choice in Narwal’s past eight years of innovation.


2021: Automatic water exchange system

Back in 2019, we premiered the world's first automatic mop-washing base station, freeing our customers from the ridiculousness of having to clean their cleaning robots. Then, in 2021, we introduced the world’s first automatic water exchange system, offering users the ability to forget about their cleaning robot entirely as it drained its dirty water and refilled with clean water all on its own.

But the tech world moves fast, and we knew we could make our customers' lives even easier. That’s where our three most recent customer-oriented technologies come in.


2022: DirtSense™ Technology

First came DirtSense™ AI in 2022 which allows our robots to determine whether or not that area of flooring needs further cleaning. Using sensors and algorithms, our robots can accurately monitor the color and particles in the dirty water and adjust the cleaning accordingly. If the water isn't clear, our robots keep cleaning until it is. That means you get perfectly pristine floors possible without you ever lifting a finger. For example, imagine that it's muddy out one day and your entryway is covered with footprints and pawprints. With DirtSense™ AI, you don’t have to manually tell your robot to do extra cleaning - your robot will figure it out for you, giving your floors the perfect clean every time.


2023: Certified Zero Tangling Brush

The next major problem we solved in 2023, with the world’s first certified zero-tangle floating brush. If you have pets or people with long hair in your house, you know just how irritating vacuuming can be. Tangled hair is a nightmare to take care of, adding more work to an already annoying task. That’s why Narwal made sure our customers would never have to deal with that again. Our zero-tangle floating brush has a conical shape, a single arm brush, and bristles at the so-called “golden angle” of 50°. Written like that might not mean much to you, but the result is a very meaningful proven 0% hair entanglement and 99.56% hair removal as certified by the SGS and TÜV. In short, you’ll never have to take apart your vacuum and cut off snarled hair again.


2023: Self-Contained Dust Compression

Finally, our most recent technological development is the innovative "self-emptying" technology, which also debuted in 2023. While other robot vacuums need to have their dustbags emptied after every use or loudly empty into (and sometimes even clog) their base machines, the Freo X Ultra and Freo X Plus are built different. We introduced the self-emptying function to save our customers the hassle of constantly emptying their robots’ dustbins and the annoyance of the noise. This allows our robots to dry and compress their dust internally, quietly storing up to 7 weeks of debris bacteria and odor-free. Not only that, when the time comes to change the bag, ours are lightweight and durable to make the process as easy and mess-free as possible. There's even the option to choose between single-use and reusable bags to fit your needs. Now, our robots come with less maintenance and more peace than ever.


As a result of our focus on innovation and invention, Narwal has earned many awards, including the CES Innovation Award, the European Product Design Award, the Red Dot Award, and the Edison Award, among others. What we’re most proud of winning, though, is our customer’s trust and approval, because they’re not just who we’re designing for - they’re why we exist.

It’s something we say a lot, but there’s really no way we can say it enough: thank you. During the last eight years of hard work, you’ve been there with us, and we hope you’ll stick with us as we continue improving and innovating in the future. You’re our inspiration, the reason why we dedicate ourselves to always finding more ways to make cleaning easier and more efficient.

We don’t just want to express our thanks in words, though, which is why we’re offering up to 50% off during Narwal’s anniversary sale. We hope this gift gives you back some of the joy and value you’ve given us over the years - after all, you’re an essential part of our journey.