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Best robot vacuum I’ve had!

A great price for this accessories pack. Everything you need when it’s time to change things and extra cleaner.

Narwal Freo X Ultra Super Early Bird Offer

Best in class.

Love this vacuum

It’s looks modern and futuristic, only three words to describe and it’s effective, efficient and elegant!!!

Amazing investment, love it so far saves a lot of time

Amaizing!! It was a good purchase!

Thank you!

I love my Narwall Freo X! Vacuums the house and then mops! Does a beautiful job! We have 4 dogs....lots of dog hair. The vacuum handled it perfectly. 👏

Amazing Machine !!!

I have had the Freo X Ultra for a month now, and this thing is amazing!!!!!
It vacuum and mops my floors perfectly and this thing has more than exceeded my expectations.
The mapping software is so accurate an precise, and the ability to adjust No Zones is great. Even when I think my floors are spotless this thing comes back with dust, dirt and grime. Thank you for making an amazing product.

freo x ultra makes my life easier

I own freo x ultra for over 2 weeks.

A few reasons I love about it:
1. super easy to set it up;
2. the dust bag keeps the base station and the robot itself looking clean. It can hold up to 7 weeks dust. all i need to do is replacing it with a new one every 2 months;
3. mopping is FANTASTIC! the result is as clean as cleaning with a bissell wet vacuum myself;
4. the base station cleans and dries the mop head itself

A few things I wish it can be improved on:
1. Vacuuming. it does pick up a lot of stuff from the floor and keep the floor clean. However, by comparing the result with dyson v15, there is always rooms for improvement;
2. avoiding small object on the floor. My friend who own cats suggested me to put a grape on the floor and test to see if the robot will avoid it while vacuuming. (according to my friend, her cats poop on the floor sometimes and the size of the poop is a grape) From my test experience, the robot pushes the grape around instead of avoiding it.
3. cleaning solution for mopping. the price is $30, which is pricy. I wish narwal can make it more affordable (maybe around $10). or, replace with an empty solution bottle that I can use major floor cleaning solution in the market (pine-sol, fabuloso, mr clean) instead.

overall, i recommend this product.

Love it!

This new Narwal is the best thing ever! I run it every night when my kids and grandkids are visiting. Does an amazing job.

Easy to change with no mess on your hands or dust flying everywhere. I would like a self emptying robot but this isn’t too much trouble since you only need to change it out once every month or two depending on use and how dirty your floors are.

Cleans very well. Easy to use, no mess, no fuss.

Amazing Robot Vacuum

This freo x ultra vacuum works perfectly! I upgraded from a different vacuum company and this one is so great. It's suction is great and the mopping works perfectly. My floors haven't been cleaner. It auto maps the floors and recognizes carpets and displays it on the map. Even when I removed a carpet or moved it around, the vacuum adjusts and displays the new info on the app. My old vacuum would just keep the old information and never update. I love the customization options in the app for all sorts of cleanings. But if you want a more hands off approach, just let the vacuum decide for you with the freo mode! Overall a 5/5 product.

Freo X Ultra

One Word: unbelievable

Very happy with this purchase

We have three pets, and dealing with their fur has been a real headache. However, to date, not a single hair has become entangled in the roller. Given its vacuuming power, you can leave the dust bag untouched for as long as two months. And in comparison to iRobot, it operates incredibly quietly and is highly efficient.

Make cleaning easy!

Highly recommended!

I've always been an iRobot user, but I decided to give the Freo X Ultra a try since it doubles as a mop and vacuum. I was truly taken aback by how well it performed; I regret not switching sooner.

Despite only using water to clean, the results on my kitchen floor were impressive— tackling crumbs and stains from the past two days effortlessly without any cleaning solution. It dealt with all the mess perfectly.

The vacuum boasts an impressive 8200Pa suction power, which easily handles dust, debris, and pet hair on various surfaces with ease.

It also features laser navigation and obstacle avoidance, allowing it to navigate smoothly and efficiently around my home. The room mapping became even clearer when it started cleaning the corners; it also skillfully avoided numerous obstacles, including several charging cables lying on the floor.

Outstanding robot vacuum cleaner

This robot can skillfully handle vacuuming and mopping over and over again, with your only tasks being to fill it with clean water, empty the dirty water, and occasionally clean some components. Set it to work while you sleep soundly each night, and you can wake up to a spotless kitchen and living room in the morning. I think it's absolutely ideal for quiet-loving perfectionists.

Great product after 1 week of use

If you're truly after a "set it and forget it" robot, this model is your ideal match.

It's completely autonomous – just fill it with water and it'll handle the rest without any oversight.

Boasting a sizable water tank, it's able to self-fill and mop, then dutifully returns to its dock to clean its mop pad, picks right back up where it left off, and heads back to the base to dispose of the vacuum's contents and dirty water. Plus, it dries the mop pad to stave off mold — a really impressive touch that's certainly lightened my load.

Love this littrobit, life changing!

This robot is a game-changer and worth every penny!
Thanks to its LiDAR, it zips around making quick maps and smartly navigates without playing bumper cars with your furniture. Finds edges like a pro and patterns the room in no time. It's savvy enough to tell carpets from hardwood and tile.
The app is a control freak's dream - split up your space, label floors, block off no-go zones, and dictate exactly where and how you want a room cleaned. It's got mop cleaning on autopilot and dries it out too, sucks up the mess into a bin, and rocks a water tank you can top up. The mopping feature is amazing as well, lasting about a week, and it's low maintenance!

Amazingly self-sufficient robot!

One feature that I absolutely love is that it doesn't bump into furniture or any other obstacles – the mapping is impressively accurate. Its adaptability to different rooms and the ability to recognize carpeted areas and set up no-go zones are commendable. I even created a restricted zone around the edges of the carpet by the Christmas tree, and it worked like a charm! The mapping technology and the robot's positioning capabilities are astonishing. Plus, it's great at detecting carpets and lifting the mop accordingly, skillfully avoiding obstacles!

Almost perfect

Keeping our varied floors spic and span used to be quite the chore—vacuuming was just not cutting it. But after leveling up to the Freo X Ultra, we've been blown away by the combo of vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. It's been a game-changer in the clean department, not to mention a back-saver! The mopping function is a dream—no smudges or streaks, whisper-quiet operation, and the battery just keeps going and going. All with just water—no detergents—and it's already tackling 95% of spills and spots, including those stubborn onesin the kitchen.

Love it!

I've been using this robot for a while and it's super handy! It lets you choose between a dustbin or a dust bag; I went with the dust bag, and say goodbye to constantly emptying it. It holds plenty! It even compacts the trash with a strong suction after it finishes cleaning, which is a total game-changer for hands-free operation. Disposal is a breeze too – just toss it after seven weeks, no disassembly required. This robot offers great value for the price!

Extremely clean!!

I picked up this robot vacuum a week ago and couldn't wait to test it out in my two-story home. What really blows me away is the mopping function. I just set up the mopping task on the app, and in no time, the floors are sparkling. It gets every room clean, even tackling juice spills and hair in the corners. It's smart enough to check if the floors are clean by examining the dirty water used to wash its mops – how smart is that? Plus, in the freo mode, I can switch on the corner clean feature, which even keeps the area around my plants nice and tidy!