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I don’t hate the cleaner, I do wish it was a stronger sent so I felt like it was cleaning my floors. I also would like to see an enzyme cleaner in the near future! It really would be a great marketing moment for pet owners like myself!

The best robot we have purchased!

The best product ever made!! I absolutely love my Narwal.

I can’t say enough about this little
Machine. It is amazing and I have bought so many along the way. No other brand compares. I can start and stop from my phone. I come home and my floors look beautiful!! I am going to buy a second one for our basement!

Best Ever

The Freo is the best ever. I will never be without it, and love getting the accessories at a discount. My floors have never been cleaner - my daughter even remarked on how clean they were! With 6 cats and 2 dogs, this is a true miracle.

Better then Shark

I have had a Shark and a Zoomba this is much better and easier to use.

EXCEPTIONAL customer service. Honestly, there were so many mix ups (mostly on my end) and they rectified it and communicated consistently and quickly. I’m so happy I went with my gut and purchased from this company.

Very pleased!

Our Narwal Freo, which we named "Alice", has been a blessing! We're very pleased with the ease of setup and how it works. We are 70ish, and suffer back/hip pain after sweeping and mopping. No more! Thank you, Narwal!

Time saver

Saves time and back pain from sweeping and mopping our house. Just have to do minor things like pick up large items and sweep tight corners so it can do its job. Love it so far. Well worth the money.


I recently purchased the Narwal Freo and was totally amazed with the performance of this product. The product review video was spot on with what the Freo can do, I wish the Narwal Freo Ultra was available at the time. My mother and brother both have since purchased the Narwal after seeing how mine vacuums and mops the house.

Todd Dunham

We Love are Narwal Freo.

We have used the Freo for about a month and love both the vacuum and mopping features. The only think they could improve was the dirt storage. The box is small and needs emptied after each time in runs.

Top Tier

By far the best robot on the market. We have another brand, in addition to the Narwal, and it gets stuck more often then not. The other brand is much louder too. We can barely tell the Narwal is in the room with us. It does a fabulous job cleaning. It doesn't run into furniture. We highly recommend this product.

We love it!

I bought this for my wife because she would never have spent the money but now that she has it & has seen how good it works I don’t think we could ever go back. The Narwal cleans our floors better than we expected. The map feature is super convenient for when we only want it to clean one area.

Great for house with kids and dogs

I’m super impressed with how easy it is to use and how clean the floor gets, I turn on once a day to clean up after my kids and dogs and I always have home clean. I would love if it had a self emptying feature for the vacuumed stuff like my other robot vac but definately the best for mopping.

Best little helper!

I love my new Narwal Freo. At first, I was skeptical about a robot mop but I'm so glad I had seen the Narwal Freo on an Instagram promotion. I researched more about it & determined it would be a great fit for my home. I love it! I have two big dogs & little children at home, so my floors were always a mess. But with the Freo mode, my floors are looking spectacular. The only recommendations I have for Narwal Freo is that if I need to cancel a job/task that I have started, for the station to continue to wash & dry the pads. But besides that, I really love this mop!

Handy little mop robot

I purchased this as a black Friday deal, to be my main cleaning robot, effectively replacing a Roomba J7. I was a little worried that this did not have an automated dust bin extractor, but this has not been an issue as the design on the Freo is easy and doesn't create much of a mess to empty. I also like the mop head cleaning feature which does a great job of keeping the mop pads from getting nasty and moldy.

the only issue we have run into is that it gets stuck on our throw rugs, but this is more an issue that the rugs do not stick well to the floor and tend to roll up when the robot drives over them.


I received my Norwal Freo approximately a week ago and I have used it every day in all its variants. Although I am still learning and there are processes that I still do not know, I can say that I am in love with my Norwal Freo. My house is always clean now, even though I have a German Shepherd who sheds hair just by breathing. I must add that proper maintenance is very simple and not at all complicated. I have had other vacuums and mops and they are much more complicated than the Norwal Freo. I would also like to thank the Customer Service team for their quick and accurate responses.

Amazing Product and Service

The Narwal robot vacuum/mop is a solidly built, finely tuned and smart working appliance. It’s also pretty nice looking. You can trust it to do the hard work to help you keep your floors clean. I’m very pleased with its cleaning performance. In addition to that, I found the after care I received after I had bought the robot and encountered a glitch, was exceptional. This was even after the warranty expired. I think this company proudly stands behind this product and is vested in customer satisfaction. The only drawback to this product is you might waste some time at first watching how it does its job, figuring out how to go between chair legs and under tables, avoid stairs and get the whole floor clean. Mesmerizing.


I just got it for Christmas. Have only had a chance to use it twice but so far I love it! It is super easy to use and very quiet.

Best thing ever

It is what it says, it is even more! So glad to invest in something that is worth it. Best cleaning robot ever

Best accessory for the Freo

Do you like to have free time for your family, hobbies or just to lounge around? The automatic water exchange system is for you. I bought my Freo thinking this would be nice addition but did not realize how nice. I operated my Freo normally for about three weeks filling and draining the tanks before I installed the automatic water exchange system. Now, I only check on my Freo once a week to empty the dust bin and clean the mop tray. My Freo mops every night and I no longer need to tend to my Freo daily. I highly recommend getting this system. If you don’t have a Freo do yourself a favor and get one then buy this!

I’m loving my freo robot

Is better my freo robot cleaning then me.

Love it

Love so many things about my Narwal Freo: the two tank system to store dirty vs clean water; self-cleaning mop after mopping a certain square footage; reaches the edges in rooms. I’m having a positive experience with the app as well (being able to split rooms, specify how much to vacuum and mop each room or skip certain rooms altogether). My house is completely hard floor, so the Narwal Freo does well in my home. My home is multi-level, so I have to move (carry) the base station to the other levels. Would prefer if the base station had wheels that can lock/unlock for easier transport.

Thank you for your message. Here is a tip of multiple map for you.
After updating your App version to v01.03.02.10, on the map list page, users can delete and modify the names of all maps except the main map. The main map cannot be deleted.
To create a new map, please click 'Create a New Map', then bring the robot to the floor you wish the robot to clean on, then it will start mapping the new floor.
To clean on a specific map, go to Map List and select the Map you want Freo to clean, and carry the robot (only the robot, do not carry the base) to that map and press the start button on the robot. The robot will then detect the map it is on, and shortly after that, it will start cleaning.

On maps without the base:
- Cleaning areas cannot be selected by clicking on rooms, only by drawing a cleaning zone. The maximum area for mopping in a cleaning zone is 14㎡.
- Freo mode cannot be activated, only Vacuum/Mop/Vacuum and Mop/Vacuum then Mop can be activated.

Very Impressed!!

I am very impressed with the Narwal! It easily maps the cleaning area taking into account furniture and discerning between flooring and carpeting. We have stone floors and the sweep and mop function leaves the carpeted areas very clean and the stone flooring beautifully shiney. My wife thanks you!!