Narwal Freo X Ultra Robot Vacuum & Mop

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Leading 8200Pa Suction

99% Particle Removal on Hard Floors

All-in-One Base Station

Auto Washes, Dries, and Cleans

Mops Until Spotless
Mops Until Spotless

DirtSense™ Technology

Certified Zero Hair Tangling
Certified Zero Hair Tangling

Officially Certified by TÜV and SGS

Tri-Laser Navigation & Avoidance
Tri-Laser Navigation & Avoidance

Walk Through the Perfect Route

7-Week Dust Storage
7-Week Dust Storage

Self-Contained Dust Processing

Exceptional Vacuum Power

A synergy of raw cleaning power and smart features that leave dust, dirt, hair, and fur with no place to hide.

Mops Until All Cleaned

Actively targets and cleans dirt until your floors are flawless.

DirtSense™ Technology for Stubborn Stains

Wastewater is monitored to determine how clean floors are. If they’re not spotless, Freo X Ultra cleans until they are.

auto sense dirt
auto sense dirt

Intelligent Dirt Detection

Sensors and algorithms accurately monitor the color and particles in the wastewater and target cleaning accordingly.

sensor monitors wastewater
sensor monitors wastewater

Scrubs Away Stubborn Stains

Hard scrubbing lifts away deep dirt with Patented Rouleaux Mop* heads that maximize mopping coverage.

Robot Vacuum cleaning heavy stains on the floor
Robot Vacuum cleaning heavy stains on the floor

EdgeSwing™ for Accurate Edge Cleaning

Skirting boards, tables, and corners no longer require a make-up clean with the handheld—just set and forget.

Robot Mop cleaning edges and corners
Robot Mop cleaning edges and corners

Truly Maintenance-Free

Realize the dream of having a do-it-all automated cleaning machine.

Millimeter-Precision Obstacle Avoidance

A tri-laser array monitors surroundings to avoid small and low-lying objects. Side-laser enables the robot to clean within millimeters of them.

precise Obstacle Avoidance
precise Obstacle Avoidance

LiDAR 4.0 Navigation

360° scanning allows Freo X Ultra to calculate and execute an optimized cleaning path as it traverses your home.

Robot Vacuum 360° room scanning
Robot Vacuum 360° room scanning

Intelligent Cleaning in Any Environment

Automatically adjusts the way the robot cleans based on room dirtiness, floor type, and even the weather.








White & Grey


5200mAh Li-ion battery

Maximum Output Power


Base Station

Length*Width*Height: 41.5*37.0*43.4cm





Maximum Output Power


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Narwal Freo X Ultra User Manual

How to update the robot firmware?

1. On the Robot Homepage, tap Settings in the upper right corner and check the current firmware version of the robot.
2. When Auto Update is switched on, the robot will automatically update to a new available firmware version. If the Auto Update is switched off, you can tap the Check for Update button to see if there is a new firmware version and trigger the update manually.
Note: You should turn on and charge the robot in the base station to perform a firmware update.

How does the robot work in a duplex or double-story house?

1. If your house has more than one floor and you want to move the robot to clean other floors, you need to create a new map through Map Management > Multiple Maps before first-time cleaning. Up to four maps can be created in the App.
2. You can move the robot to other floors and create a map without the base station, and the Freo Mode is not available on this map. During a mopping task, the robot could not return to the base station for mop washing either;
3. You can move both the robot and the base station to a new floor and create a map with the base station. There are no limits when the robot is cleaning on this map. But you need to move the base station to the floor too when performing a cleaning task every time.
Note: Before the robot executes a cleaning task on other maps, you need to manually switch to the corresponding map.

Can I lift up the robot and carry it to a zone where the robot fails to reach during mapping or cleaning?

You cannot lift the robot up during mapping for it will influence the mapping results.
When performing a cleaning task, the robot needs to position itself on the map. If it is lifted up and carried to a zone not on the map, the robot will fail to position itself, and the cleaning could not be continued.

Do I need to put away the rug when the robot is cleaning?

The robot can identify rugs during a cleaning task. If you do not want the robot to clean a rug, you can select to skip rug through View > Map Management > Edit Rug, and the robot will avoid the rug during cleaning.

Do I need to turn off the robot and the base station?

After the cleaning task is completed, the robot will return to the base station for charging on its own. After a certain period of time, the robot will enter into the low-power mode and the base station will turn off its screen;
The base station will only be turned off when the power cord is disconnected. If you want to turn off the base station, please unplug the power cord of the base station.
When the power cord is disconnected, the robot will not be able to charge and it will be turned off when the battery runs out. Please connect the power cord to the base station and charge the robot before the next cleaning task.
Note: If the product is not used for a long period of time, turn off the robot and base station when fully charged and recharge them at least once every three months to avoid over-discharging the batteries.

What’s in the Box

Also included in the box

1*Zero tangling brush, 1*Dustbox filter, 1*Power cord, 2*Filter sponges, 3*1L Disposable dust bags.


Base Station for Freo X Ultra

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D. Herring
Amazing robot vacuum!

I love the vacuum so far its doing an excellent job. I had issues with getting it setup and connected to Bluetooth and internet but was able to resolve it by changing the settings on my router. I do think the app can use some improvements for marking no go places and mapping carpet.

I like it, does the job for me!

I spent several weeks searching and reading numerous reviews before selecting this machine. I really like this vacuum cleaner; its sensors are very sensitive and it can reach most places including edges along the walls. It does an excellent job vacuuming our thick, shaggy carpet, and it also effectively vacuums and mops our imitation wood floors

Yige Gao
Beyond expectation

This is definitely a surprise. Great connection to App so you can literally control it with your phone.

It comes with a detergent as well so can mop clean and with efficiency. Have been loyal customer with Narwal and this is of no doubt one of the best shopping experiences ever.

It does exactly as advertised

I have used the product for a couple of weeks now and it does what it advertises: it made our lives simpler in that we don't need to upkeep the cleanliness in our household.

If you expect it to clean everything to be spotless, that's unfortunately not the reality of the product, but it does more than probably even a clean would, where it would go under beds, tables, and other furniture, if it can fit in there.

Definitely worth the price in the long run.

xucheng zhao
It is so quite when cleaning, better than roborock s8

I would say this is way better than Roborock S8. It is so quite when clearning. I used to not turn it on when wroking from home when i use other cleaning robot. But this one is really different, it is so quite and does it job. The suction power has no issue in handling carpet and cat family. Stairs are detected and avoided as well. The app interface is good and when cleaning the latency is really low.

Best robot vac

This is an amazing product. Does everything you want it to with (knock wood) no issues. Far superior to any other robot vac out there. And it mops & dries! Well worth the money!