Threshold Ramp for T10 (1 Pack)

  • Multi-module joint, width-free fitting, can be disassembled and assembled arbitrarily according to the width of the threshold.
  • Rounded edges for full-angle climbing. The dense cross-groove surface design provides a high-friction, easy-to-grip surface, helping the robot to climb over and around objects and obstacles more efficiently.
  • Snap design for easy installation and removal; stable and secure after being attached.
  • Bottom grid structure, 220lb support force. The bottom lattice structure design provides greater unit support.

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Narwal T10 - excellent at mopping, not bad at vacuuming too

We use Narwal T10 at home without any carpets. It shows very good productivity at mopping, especially after the schedule is set (we get rid of need to make a manual wet floor cleaning at 99 percent). Also the vacuuming option is enough to replace a regular bulky manual v cleaner.
Good accessories kit, especially the ramp which is rather stylish and comfortable to use, and soap sheets.

Even when the floor seems to be clean enough, the waste water becomes dark grey, so much of dirt is cleaned out from the flat. And wife is happy.

Dear IVAN,

Thank you for your highly regarded Narwal T10.
We are very thankful for your favor of our product. Our robot is a smart home product.
It is our brand philosophy to let users free their hands.
Here are what makes Narwal robots superior:
Our robots can automatically backwash the mop, avoiding the trouble of manually washing the mop, and can also intelligently recycle sewage.
At the same time, sweeping the floor is also not inferior, bilateral brush + suction mouth, effectively cleans the ground hair, dust, and other surface garbage.
We really appreciate that you have chosen our products.
If you have any questions, please contact us via chat or email at
Thanks again for supporting Narwal and we hope you are having a wonderful experience :)
Have a wonderful day!

The Narwal Team

I absolutely love it!!!

The best for hard floors. It cleans really well. I only have one rug and it vacuums it well but is better for hard floors. It’s so easy to use, don’t be afraid of it, just read the manual and that’s it. And is not loud at all, you can use it anytime. Highly recommended. Plus, looks really cute when you put wiggle eyes to the robot. I also recommend to buy the ramp cause mine couldn’t go inside the bathroom but the ramp did a great job and the robot went inside the bathroom really well. Also get the water proof mat to keep the entrance of the station dry.
My floors are so clean now, i don’t see dust anywhere.
My Narwal it’s a keeper!!

Dear Virginia,

Thank you so much for your highly regarded of our products. We so glad that you share the video and photo with us to express your favor of Narwal.
Our robots have the following advantages:
1. rotary pressurized mopping, coupled with high-speed rotation, effectively solves the stubborn stains on the ground;
2. Intelligent recognition of dirty rag in the process of mopping, automatic cleaning mop lets you no longer worry about cleaning dirty mop;
3. Sweeping the floor is also not inferior, bilateral brush + suction mouth, effectively clean the ground hair, dust, and other surface garbage.
We are very happy that our robot has left you with a smart and helpful impression.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via
Thank you and hope you have a wonderful day!

The Narwal Team