Mop Cloth for T10 (2 pcs)

  • Narwal's triangular mop design increases the cleaning area by 30% compared to ordinary mop cloths.
  • Made of microfiber to prevent shredding.
  • Engineered to be user friendly and easy to insert and remove when changing modules.
  • Recommended replacement interval: every 1-3 months

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Great at first, only lasted a year

My Narwhal was great for less than a year now it will not vacuum for more than 10 seconds without telling me to clean the dust bin, filter, and air vent. I repeatedly clean it (even though there is nothing in it) It makes the product useless. For the price tag I expect a much longer life span.

Dear Shar,

We are sorry for the issue you encountered.
Please try the following solutions:
1. Please clean the dustbin and check whether the inner filter is still in the dustbin.
2. Enable the High-Altitude mode on the app.
<Device - More Features - High Altitude Mode>
3. Make sure the filter and the dustbin have been totally dried out after washing.
If the issue still occurs after trying the above methods, please get back to our support team at, they are glad to help.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

The Narwal Team

linda haynie
Hope it work as it says

Have not used yet but hope it every it says it is

Dear Linda,

Thank you for your review of Narwal.
Please rest assured that your satisfaction with our products and services is our highest priority.
If you have any problems with the robot, our support team will be glad to help you solve the problem.
Wish you all the best:)

The Narwal Team

shona Webster

I have an injured back and hip. So mopping & sweeping is a No No. Having Narwal T10 helps me keep my home clean the way I like it. You would think robots hit or miss, Not this one. My floors shine and squeak after mopping. I set a schedule and mind my business. Nar-Baby is definitely a MUST HAVE.

Dear Shona,

Thank you for your love of Narwal.
It is our pleasure that our robot could take the stress out of your housework for you and make your floor looks shiny.
We will also appreciate that if you have any suggestions with Narwal.
Thank you again for your favor and support.
Hope you have a nice day:)

The Narwal Team

May Ip
Life saver

I love it so far. There are still work tho eg. prepping the floor like pick up loose items and things that might hinder with the cleaning like dustbins or floor mats. And cleaning the mop pat and the inside of the machine. But it is relatively easy. It does take a bit of time but you can time it while u r sleeping, working or shopping. The app is not the most intuitive but once u figure them out, they r pretty good. Btw I still couldn’t figure out how to change the number of times of cleaning. All in all I love the machine. Now I can schedule to vacuum and mop two times a week and it won’t break me. Just hope it is a durable machine.

Dear May,

Thank you for leaving your user experience on our page.
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you before you start the clean task, we will try to work on this problem in the future.
If you would like to change the times of cleaning, you could click the' Quick clean' of the APP, choose the room you would like to clean, then you could see the number of clean times below.
Thank you again for your support and favor of Narwal.
Hope you have a nice day:)

The Narwal Team

Norman Pieniazek

Very easy to change. Works very well.

Dear Norman,

Thank you for choosing Narwal and you are willing to share your user experience.
It is our honor that our robot could do an excellent job for you and you could easy to use it.
Please believe that your recognition of our robot is the driving force for us to continuously improve our products.
Thank you again for your kindness.
Wish you all the best:)

The Narwal Team

Ronda Crist
Life saver

I love my Narwal it’s amazing I’m a compulsive cleaner and it has saved me a lot of time. When I leave I just push a button on my phone and when I come home my floor is clean.

Dear Ronda,

Thank you for your kind review of our robot.
It is our pleasure that Narwal could help you save a lot of time on the housework and let you have more free time to do other things and that's exactly what we want our products to do for you.
Please believe that our robot could make your house cleaner, and if you have any questions during using it, please feel free to contact us.
We will try our best to help you.
Thank you again for your support of Narwal.
Wish you have a wonderful day:)

The Narwal Team