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Will the robot be charged when the screen of the base station goes dark?

The screen of the base station will go dark when the robot enters the low-power mode. As long as the base station has power connection and the robot's charging contacts are firmly connected to the base station, the robot will start charging whether it is turned on or off.

Do I need to turn off the robot and the base station?

After the cleaning task is completed, the robot will return to the base station for charging on its own. After a certain period of time, the robot will enter into the low-power mode and the base station will turn off its screen;
The base station will only be turned off when the power cord is disconnected. If you want to turn off the base station, please unplug the power cord of the base station.
When the power cord is disconnected, the robot will not be able to charge and it will be turned off when the battery runs out. Please connect the power cord to the base station and charge the robot before the next cleaning task.
Note: If the product is not used for a long period of time, turn off the robot and base station when fully charged and recharge them at least once every three months to avoid over-discharging the batteries.

Do I need to put away the rug when the robot is cleaning?

The robot can identify rugs during a cleaning task. If you do not want the robot to clean a rug, you can select to skip rug through View > Map Management > Edit Rug, and the robot will avoid the rug during cleaning.

Can I lift up the robot and carry it to a zone where the robot fails to reach during mapping or cleaning?

You cannot lift the robot up during mapping for it will influence the mapping results.
When performing a cleaning task, the robot needs to position itself on the map. If it is lifted up and carried to a zone not on the map, the robot will fail to position itself, and the cleaning could not be continued.

How does the robot work in a duplex or double-story house?

1. If your house has more than one floor and you want to move the robot to clean other floors, you need to create a new map through Map Management > Multiple Maps before first-time cleaning. Up to four maps can be created in the App.
2. You can move the robot to other floors and create a map without the base station, and the Freo Mode is not available on this map. During a mopping task, the robot could not return to the base station for mop washing either;
3. You can move both the robot and the base station to a new floor and create a map with the base station. There are no limits when the robot is cleaning on this map. But you need to move the base station to the floor too when performing a cleaning task every time.
Note: Before the robot executes a cleaning task on other maps, you need to manually switch to the corresponding map.

What to do if there are steps in my home?

The robot's ground sensor can automatically recognize a height drop of above 3cm. In case of a height drop below 3cm, the robot will ignore it and proceed. If the step is 2cm above the upper limit of obstacle climbing, the robot may fail to return. To prevent the robot from getting stuck, you can set No-go Zones on the map in the App.

The base station cannot be turned on.

1. Check whether the power cord is properly plugged into the back of the base station;
2. If the problem persists, please contact after-sales service.

How to deal with automatic shutdown of robot?

If the robot's battery comes to 0% when being on standby outside the base station, it will turn itself off.
1. If the robot turns itself off inside the base station, check whether the base station is plugged in and whether the robot is firmly connected to the charging contacts of the base station.
2. Check whether there are foreign objects on the charging contacts of the robot. If yes, wipe them clean.

How to deal with the poor cleaning effect of robot sweeping?

1. You are recommended to clean the dust bin and filter and clear hair on the roller brush and side brushes regularly, to prevent dust from overflowing during a cleaning task.
2. Check whether the dust bag is full. If yes, replace the dust bag timely.

What should I do if the mop is wet after mopping?

After mopping, the robot returns to the base station for mop washing. The mop pads will be dried through the hot wind for 3 hours inside the base station. Do not take the robot out of the base station or remove the mopping module during the drying, otherwise, it will end earlier.
Drying results depend on the humidity of your home. If your location or the season is relatively humid, the mop pads may not become perfectly dry.


How to change the room arrangements on the map?

You can tap View > Map Management on the Robot Homepage to split or merge rooms and then update the map on the App.
If room splitting or merging is not allowed, you can map again.

What should I do if the map created is incomplete?

Possible causes:
1. The door of the room is not fully open as there are objects at the door. When the robot sensor is laser-scanning the house, the robot judges that the zone cannot be entered and gives up exploring it;
2. When the robot is scanning and mapping, someone or a pet walks around or follows the robot, and the robot is misled during scanning.
Troubleshooting and solution:
Try to map again.
1. Put away wires, toys, and other obstacles on the floor, open the doors of rooms to be cleaned, and close the rest doors;
2. During mapping, do not follow or walk around the robot. After scanning your home, the robot will return to the base station on its own;
3. If the robot does not enter certain rooms, you can tap the button on the robot to pause the task and push the robot into the above rooms (keep the robot on the floor), and tap Start to resume the current task;
4. If the map is still incomplete after multiple attempts, please contact after-sales service.

How to deal with map not saved after robot building?

After the robot scans the home and returns to the base station, the map is saved after the robot broadcasts that the mapping is completed. Before the above behaviors are completed, do not manually move the robot back into the base station or force the mapping task to end.

When do I need to map again?

You need to map again after the base station is relocated, otherwise, the robot may not work properly.
You are recommended to map again when there are significant changes to the furniture arrangement. If only one piece of furniture is moved, there is no need to map again for the robot can update the map in real-time during a cleaning task.


How to share the robot?

After network configuration, you can share the connected robot to other family members through Settings > My Device > Device Sharing.
If the robot is bound to a user, other users must gain the approval of the primary user before they can connect to the robot.

How to deal with the APP showing that the robot is offline?

Possible causes and solution:
1. The robot is not turned on. Press the Power button of the robot (press and hold the Start button on the robot for 2s. Constant white indicates that the robot has been turned on.)
2. The robot is not aligned with the charging contacts when it is put in the base station manually. The battery runs out and the robot is turned off. Put the robot in the base station (side brushes facing outward) and align it with the charging contacts.
3. The robot performing a cleaning task gets temporarily missing when it is too far away from the base station. The robot will continue to work properly, and you can control it after the base station resumes connection to the robot.
4. The communication between the base station and the robot fails. Reboot the base station: unplug the power cord and wait for 30s after the base station indicator goes out; then plug in the power cord.

What should I do if the cleaning track is not updated in the App?

The network status of the robot depends on the signal intensity where the robot is located. If the signal is weak or unstable, the cleaning track may not be updated in the App.
You can return to the Homepage and enter the Cleaning page to reconnect or wait for the robot's network connection to get back to normal.


How to update the robot firmware?

1. On the Robot Homepage, tap Settings in the upper right corner and check the current firmware version of the robot.
2. When Auto Update is switched on, the robot will automatically update to a new available firmware version. If the Auto Update is switched off, you can tap the Check for Update button to see if there is a new firmware version and trigger the update manually.
Note: You should turn on and charge the robot in the base station to perform a firmware update.