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Narwal T10 user guides and quick start cards.
How does the robot identify objects and people? And how does it avoid or behave when it detects obstacles?

The T10 automatically slows down when it detects people, pets, objects, or the edges or furniture.

In order to clean the edges and corners more thoroughly, it is equipped with a bumper.

How often does the robot return to the base station to clean the mops?

Under normal circumstances, the robot will return to the base station after mopping 53 to 108 square feet. You can also control the robot to wash the mop cloths by clicking the 'Wash Mop' button in the App.

Is it safe to use robots on Hardwood/Ceramic/Composite floors?

It is safe to use the T10 on level Hardwood, Ceramic, or Composite floors. Those concerned about mop humidity damaging floors can adjust the humidity levels through the Narwal app.

Does the robot need light when it is running?

The robot uses lasers to create a map and will need light during the mapping process.

The robot will then use radar to automatically move around rooms and does not need light.

How much noise does the Narwal T10 make during cleaning?

When vacuuming, the volume is about 65dB.

When mopping the volume is about 45dB. This is fairly quiet, similar to the noise level from an ordinary hair dryer in low power mode. For most people, this means going about daily life undisturbed.

How long does the cleaning process take?

In most cases, it takes about 2 hours to mop a room of 1000 square ft. twice.

When in the vacuuming mode, it takes about 40 minutes to sweep a room of 1000 square ft.

Can the Narwal be operated even when not at home?

As long as the robot is connected to the network the Narwal App can be used to operate the T10 anytime, anywhere.

Can Narwal T10 climb stairs or what is the height of the threshold that the robot can cross?

No, Narwal T10 can only pass over a 0.59-inch threshold and can pass over 0.99 inches with a threshold bar.

If the floor is sloped, like a ramp for door sills, Narwal can handle up to 0.78 inches.

Can carpets be cleaned in vacuuming mode?

We do not recommend using the robot to clean carpets in either sweeping or mopping mode. The Narwal was built to handle floors of all types such as Hardwood, Ceramic, or Composite floors.

We suggest removing non-wall-to-wall carpets and similar objects the first time you use the device so the robot can build a virtual map of its surroundings. After mapping is complete, you can easily set up ‘no-go zones’ on the map or use included magnetic strips so the T10 knows where to go and areas that aren’t suited for mopping will be bypassed.

How do I tell Narwal T10 not to clean in a specific place?

You can set up the included magnetic strips along the periphery of an area where you do not want the robot to clean. By setting the magnetic strips, you isolate areas where the robot may get stuck and/or block areas that do not need cleaning.

What is the capacity of the dust bin?

Narwal T10 comes with a 430 ml dust bin. If the dust bin is full, a robot voice prompt will give an announcement to clean the bin.

Does the T10 recognize and avoid carpets in the mopping mode?

The robot is unable to recognize carpets vs. other surfaces.

To keep the robot away from carpets, use magnetic strips to set up no-go zones (magnetic strips are included accessories in the initial package). No-go zones can also be set on the Narwal App.

Does Narwal T10 clean the mop pads automatically? Can mop cloths be removed separately for cleaning?

The robot recognizes dirty mops and returns to the base station for cleaning. It is not necessary to clean the mops manually, but mops can be taken off and cleaned manually if desired.

The robot air-dries mops automatically, but can also be removed manually to dry.

What are the battery capacity and charging times? Can you explain the power consumption of Narwal T10?

Our robot battery is 5200mAh, meaning it takes about 3 hours and 0.1 Kwh to be fully charged. It takes about 0.3 Kwh to air-dry the mop and about 0.1 Kwh for the 24-hour base station running in standby mode.

What is the maximum area that the Narwal can clean?

Up to 3,000 square ft.

Does Narwal T10 Switch automatically between Mopping & Vacuuming?

You will need to manually switch between sweeping and mopping modes, but the process is easy and super-quick.

The reason for this is the different algorithms necessary for the multiple functions of the T10:

Sweeping: the T10 sweeps outward from the base station first to ensure the highest cleaning efficiency.

Mopping: the T10 then cleans from the location farthest away from the base station. This avoids a second pass that can spread dirt from unclean mops to floors already cleaned.

Does it come with the vacuum function?

Yes, the T10 is made to work both as a mop & vacuum.

By manual modification, it can be set to either mopping mode or vacuuming mode.

What's the voltage?

The input voltage of our robot is 100V-240V, which can be used normally in this range.


Does Narwal T10 detect and clean pet waste?

Narwal T10 currently is not able to clean pet excrement and vomit, or other large garbage waste, as they can cause the machine to jam.


What should I do to best maintain the T10?

Accessory replacement:

The side brush and mop should be replaced every 1-3 months.

The dust bin filter should be cleaned every two weeks and should be replaced every 3-6 months

Parts maintenance:

The Omni-directional wheel should be cleaned once a month.

The ribs and bottom grooves should be cleaned every two weeks.

The clean water tank sponge should be cleaned every three months.

The dust bin and the wastewater tank should be cleaned after each use.

For more details, please visit our YouTube channel:

Can the robot be washed with water or detergent?

The robot comes equipped with an internal battery, so please do not rinse the robot which might cause malfunctions or damage.

You can wipe the robot shell with a wet cloth and then a dry cloth.

For more details, please visit our YouTube channel:


Are there any substitutes for the detergent sheets?

We do not recommend using other cleaning solutions. Other cleaning products can produce foam or residue that corrodes the piping system by blocking the pipes and parts, causing robot malfunction.

Clean water is sufficient for mopping.

Information about our detergent sheets:

Narwal detergent sheets include newly-developed proprietary ingredients and biodegradable enzymes for an instant and homogeneous water solution for stain removal.

We have engineered our special detergent sheets to produce less foam to prevent malfunctions. Unlike most cleansers, our detergent sheets are made of no corrosive ingredients and help keep the pipes clean and clear.

Instructions: Fill the clean water tank to Maximum Watermarking, then add a detergent sheet that will dissolve. It is not recommended to put the detergent sheet in the tank first before filling it with water.

What is the mop made of and will it leave hair behind when being used?

The mop material is microfiber which absorbs water evenly and sheds little hair while cleaning.